1. All challenges should be completed in any order you see fit.
  2. More details about the achievements can be found by clicking the book icon found on the player UI inside the Inventory Screen.
  3. Whilst breaking blocks on the map is acceptable, there are some custom blocks that are used to record events. Due to this we advise that you only break fences.
  4. For the purposes of submitting a qualifying time. The complete run must be recorded and uploading to a video hosting service (Valid sites are,, (free software for recording can be found at )
  5. Once the map is completed, log out to the main menu. Click on the Firework icon in the top left hand corner.
  6. Modifying the pack is prohibited
  7. From the next screen click on the run that you wish to upload and click on the upload button. On the next screen, enter in the url to the video recording that matches the completed run.
  8. Using any form of command teleportation is not allowed
  9. Using click macros is allowed
  10. Copy and pasting is allowed

Note:- Whilst this map is designed to be played with this modpack, you are free to export it into any pack you choose. However no technical support can be given when used with anything other than the Official FTB Challenge Pack.

Server Notes

Server providers/owners will need to copy the world from the maps folder to the root of the server and make sure it matches the name in the

You will also need to enable command blocks in the